about myself

… trust me: – this is 100% Klaus Kremer – face-book – without facebook …

… what happened so far … (rough overview – previous life and “work” of the KK from K, GER)

(the instructions for building a website says: )

You may be artistically active and want to introduce yourself and your work here. Or maybe you have a business with a mission to describe?
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ingenious, these help texts from the internet system!

welcome to my website!

this is the homepage that most of your visitors will see when they visit your website for the first time. (Oh dear, let's hope you'll have fun)

December 1961 – one year after my parents’ wedding, I was born into this wonderful world; everything seemed to run normal and planned …

* 14.12.1961, Thursday, Marienhospital Köln(Cologne)-Kalk

(The building has since been demolished (they probably did not want to risk another disaster of my caliber) 😉



But let’s start:

possibly I am a very special Chaos Klausi;

artist? – yes, somehow such an artist of how to manage a life, probably
yes, I would like to introduce myself …
yes, demonstrate my work? – Hmm, was there something …?
yes, I have a business
and especially YES – I have a mission:

“making dreams come true …”

I am an avowed Olympian and a believer into Jesus Christ!

(with all the mistakes a person can have with them)

… on my way, I “invented” IQ-Sport (for body mind & soul), plus planned, prepared, produced, introduced and implemented the Olympic Laser Shooting with extremely safe and reliable technology

*who is the Lady on the picture above? My most loyal Lady-friend and mother of 2 of my daughters: Dani (president of my ggg)